The Sacred Purpose Blog

Like so many of our 148 Vice Presidents of Health and Safety, Tim Holst is a remarkable young man. Tim is a member of our Zeta Phi chapter at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo. He has worked very hard to advance the Sacred Purpose movement across his entire campus community. In fact, he has been collaborating with the university’s administration to organize a large health and safety related program during the school’s renowned new student “Week of Welcome” orientation program, a first for any campus fraternity. Officials were impressed by Tim’s ongoing leadership so they invited him to speak to the 850 student leaders who directly support the “Week of Welcome” program. This video shows Tim in action giving a talk called Helping Others Belong. By being vulnerable with his own personal story and by sharing his vision, Tim is inspiring hundreds of students. It is an honor to call Tim a brother. Well done, Tim. Well done.