The Sacred Purpose Blog

It is time to say good-bye

Tomorrow is my last day as a member of the International Headquarters staff. It has been an honor to serve you and Theta Chi during the last five-and-a-half years. I have experienced the joy of working with our talented undergraduates and our loyal alumni. In departing, I offer some final thoughts about my experience.

I believe in Theta Chi
I believe in Theta Chi. I always have. But, I believe in it more now! In launching the Theta Chi Sacred Purpose movement, the Fraternity has taken a bold and pioneering step. We have decided that there is nothing more important than caring for the men we call brother. Of course, that’s not a new idea, but we are boldly working to be better at it. Other Greek organizations have been astounded that we would courageously change our leadership structure and Ritual in order to inspire a deeper sense of commitment to one another. It was the right decision at the right time.

I am so proud of Theta Chi
A year after launching the Sacred Purpose movement, we now know that the movement is more than a good idea. The Sacred Purpose movement is alive and well. Our men have worked very hard this year. They have embraced a vision and executed exceptionally well. I am especially proud of our Vice Presidents of Health and Safety who powerfully lead the way. Our results were nothing but exceptional during this first twelve months:

Campus-wide programs 243
Guest speakers 444
Health and Safety Advisors 79

Well done, brothers! Especially by a group of men who were the first to serve in this essential role.

There is a miracle happening in Theta Chi

Beyond the data and accomplishments, I sense there is something even deeper happening in Theta Chi. I have seen and experienced a greater attention and caring for one another. It feels as though we are learning to more clearly recognize when a brother is in trouble. But, we aren’t stopping there. We are learning to take action. We are learning what to say and what to do. And, we are doing it! There is a renewed understanding that our brother is our Sacred Purpose. Put another way, we are learning that the essence of Theta Chi is living for one another, to sacrifice ourselves for our brothers.

The miracle in Theta Chi is that we are learning how to be a brighter light – a brighter light for one another and for our world. Perhaps, there is nothing more beautiful.

Indeed, I believe in Theta Chi! It has been a joy to serve you.