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It’s not every day that you see a video on YouTube that accurately explains or upholds the values and virtues of your Fraternity. However, Brother Aaron Corrigan-Heyes shared a video with us of his chapter, Delta Theta/ University of Toledo, introducing The Sacred Purpose Movement to their campus. Earlier this year the Delta Theta Chapter experienced a tragedy that inspired them to generate this video.  We look forward to seeing your passion unfold as you make the University of Toledo campus a better place!







Happy Founder’s Day!

Today, Brothers, we celebrate one hundred and fifty nine years as a social fraternity. At Norwich University in Norwich, Vermont, Arthur Chase and Frederick Norton Freeman started the Theta Chi Society. The Theta Chi Society was the first Greek Lettered organization formed at Norwich University. Through our rich history we have a story and history that is incomparable to many. Today though, Brothers, we ask that you embody everything that Arthur Chase and Frederick Norton Freeman envisioned that this Fraternity would forever be.

Stand up and lead! When you walk past that piece of garbage on campus that seemingly lingers from quad to quad, pick it up. When one good deed goes undone on your campus, do it. When one organization needing support, goes unattended, support it. Forever remember our Motto, “Alma Mater First, Theta Chi for Alma Mater.” Live out our Sacred Purpose. Today is your day to shine as a Theta Chi Fraternity Brother!

Happy 159th Founder’s Day!

Viva la Theta Chi!

Good morning!

Can you believe that this semester is almost over? With the school year coming to an end, now is the time to make one final push to be great! Has your chapter hosted or created the greatest Sacred Purpose events? Prove it! The application deadline for the David L. Westol Sacred Purpose Award is tomorrow, April 10, 2015! The application for this award can be found here.

All Vice Presidents of Health and Safety received an email from Brandon Younkin, Director of Education, on Wednesday April 8. In this email he asked all Vice Presidents of Health and Safety to report their number of events held, topics of their events, organizations involved or benefitted from their events, their chapter’s Health and Safety Advisor’s contact information, as well as their campus’ Health Center’s Coordinator’s contact information.  The deadline for this is set for April 15, 2015.  This data will be used to track the incredible impact that The Sacred Purpose Movement has had on our campuses. An example on how to format the response to that email can be found at the bottom of this blog post.

Thank you for all of your hard work this past year! We look forward to hearing from you. Have a happy and safe 159th Founder’s Day!



Example of how to format your response: (send to by April 15, 2015)

  • Number of events:
  • Seven
  • Topics:
  • Alcohol Abuse, Sexual Misconduct, Fire Health and Safety, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Nutrition, Physical Exercise and Fitness.
  • Organizations benefitted or involved:
  • MADD, Active Minds
  • Health and Safety Advisor Contact:
  • Ben Hill, 317-848-1856,
  • Health Center Coordinator Contact:
  • Justin Jones, 317-848-1856,