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Setting the Trend

In the last few weeks, we’ve received a fair amount of feedback regarding individual chapters who are hesitant in hosting events pertaining to certain topics. These members are afraid of other community members believing that they’re guilty of the topic of presentation, and have to put educational programming on as a consequence of some disciplinary action. This may be accurate in some very limited cases, however, setting the trend and confronting social stigmas is what The Sacred Purpose Movement is all about. As Brothers of Theta Chi Fraternity, we have the unique opportunity and freedom to educate our chapter, our campus, and our community about topics that may have gone without confrontation in the past. If you’re familiar with Theta Chi Fraternity’s history at all, you should recall the story of Dale Slivinske and Howard Alter Jr. Since our founding in 1856, it has been our calling to set the trend, lead by example, and confront the issues in front of us with full force and diligence.

With that, we’ve intentionally set mandatory topics to present on for our Vice Presidents of Health and Safety as to help break social stigmas that revolve around sexual misconduct, hazing, and mental health. It’s completely up to our undergraduate members to take on this responsibility and be the organization on campus that the community can rely on for an assisting hand. So when it comes to hosting or promoting educational opportunities that pertain to sexual misconduct, bystander intervention, mental health awareness or suicide prevention, hazing prevention or awareness, take the lead! It’s important to not sit on the side lines but rather get in the game and be the champion for your chapter, your campus, and your community.

In conclusion, many chapters are weary of involving the local police department or the university/college student conduct offices in their activities. We challenge you to reach out to those offices and use them as resources in your educational endeavors. Law enforcement and the student conduct professionals in your community can be tremendous assets to your health and safety related events (it also doesn’t hurt building those relationships while you’re doing something positive for their community!)

As always, if you or your chapter have any questions regarding health and safety related events, do not hesitate to reach out to the International Headquarters and ask for help. We would love to assist you in providing support to your chapter, your campus and your community.


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