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Our Sacred Purpose: Committing to One Another

The Mission of Sacred Purpose is simple; to protect our brothers, and the broader campus community, by providing health and safety education.

The college experience for a college male is seen as something very stereotypical. Our collegians have more access to experiences but due to that access, they also face a different set of challenges. Theta Chi saw an opportunity to take the initiative help our members face those challenges head-on.

Sacred Purpose is centered on seven different topics that are plaguing collegiate men. At an international and a local level, we educate all of our members to be able to recognize one who may be struggling and how to properly start a conversation as well as knowing resources that are available to them in their communities. It could save a life.

By living out our Sacred Purpose, we are committing to one another. Whether it is assistance or protection, we will make sure that all of our members are free to live out the best life that they can.



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