The mission of Sacred Purpose is to protect our brothers, and the broader campus community, by providing health and safety education. Every chapter’s Vice President of Health and Safety (VPHS) oversees the Sacred Purpose program with the assistance of a Health and Safety Adviser. There are seven Sacred Purpose areas and every chapter should host one event or guest speaker per topic for a total of seven events. Two of those events should be open to the entire campus community. The seven topics are:

  1. Drug Use/Abuse
  2. Fire-Life Safety
  3. Hazing Prevention
  4. Recognizing Depression and Getting Help
  5. Responsible Use of Alcohol
  6. Sexual Assault Prevention
  7. Suicide Prevention/Intervention

To reward chapters that are making a difference in the community, Theta Chi Fraternity will provide a $10 per-man discount on chapter dues paid to International Headquarters. To qualify, your chapter must host events for all seven topics (including two that are open to the entire campus community) and have a recognized Health and Safety Adviser. Your VPHS must submit an Event Form after each event to be approved by Theta Chi’s Director of Education. You can submit that form by clicking “Sacred Purpose Event Form” in the red box to the right.

Here is a brief introduction to Sacred Purpose: